Fluiconnecto's mobile hose service offers support wherever and whenever you need us. 24/7 our Service on-Site Van solves downtime right at your location by repair or by replacement of hydraulic components. The experienced and skilled SOS technicians assemble and mount the hydraulic hoses on site.

Mobile workshop

Fluiconnecto’s Service On-site Vans are fully equipped mobile workshops that will solve your hydraulic problems wherever and whenever they occur. An SOS Van can provide support for a variety of hydraulic problems: from replacing a single hose on an excavator working on a construction site, to planned scheduled maintenance of hydraulic circuits on industrial & mobile machines.

Certified technicians

The SOS Vans are operated by our certified technicians that provide a wide array of professional services for mobile and industrial hydraulic circuits. We are available 24/7 to help you where needed.

Emergency calls

Our technicians are ready!

Reach us 24/7 at
 0900 4328 767

Planned repairs

In case of maintenance or repair where our mobile hose service is needed less immediate, an appointment can be made to solve or prevent downtime. Fluiconnecto Service on-Site is available for scheduled maintenance and repair at your location. In consultation one or more SOS vans will arrive for support at the desired location. To get your machine (park) up and running again.

New constructions support

For construction of new machines, equipment and prototypes, Fluiconnecto provides Service on-Site support at the desired time and location. Outside working hours as well, so your project will be ready in time. Call 0900 4328 767 or mail sos@fluiconnecto.nl

Other SOS services

Whenever a (new) product requires the right hydraulic components, the SOS technicians are ready for:


Our technicians come to many locations:

  • the road side
  • in workshops
  • in ports and at shipyards
  • on sailing ships
  • on construction sites
  • in factories
  • in warehouses and storage areas
  • in city centers and environmental zones
  • ... and your location?

When to call SOS?

In case of emergency: In case of hose rupture, sweating hoses or hose assemblies that need urgent replacement, Service on-Site offers a solution both within and outside working hours. Don't hesitate to call us at 0900 4328 767.

For scheduled service: 0900 4328 767 or mail sos@fluiconnecto.nl

SOS benefits

  • quick reaction in emergencies - qualified technicians on call 24/7
  • easy ordering - with Fluiconnecto's hose labels
  • reduce downtime - with flui-ID preventive maintenance
  • extend the life of our products - with Manuli's Integrated System
  • save time - because the hydraulic hose assemblies are manufactured on site

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Our mobile hydraulic hose service is available day and night, all year round via 0900 4328 767.